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Celebrating 10 Years + Fair Trade Month.

October is here, which brings Fair Trade Month.

Fair Trade Month brings awareness to the importance of the fair trade movement to our global economy and promotes buying from businesses that are committed to fair trade in place of those which may harm the environment, the economy, communities, and individuals.

This year, Noonday is celebrating 10 years of global impact.

In the past decade, Noonday has ...

  • placed $26 million orders with our Artisan Business Partners

  • sold 3.4 million handcrafted pieces

  • over 620,000 customers proudly wearing handcrafted styles made with love

  • over 71,000 hostesses creating a marketplace for Artisan Business Partners

  • raised over $900,000 for over 4,600 adoptive families through Adoption Trunk Shows

All of these women own their own Fair Trade business and work together to make the world a better place.

After these impactful ten years, Noonday is the largest fair trade accessories brand in the world. And it is all because we are focused on bringing people together. Above Ana in Guatemala, Moon in India, Jalia in Uganda, Jessica in the US, and Ann in Kenya are all making a difference in their communities to transform lives.

Noonday began with these two women saying Yes.

Shop Fair Trade this October! Here are some of my favorite organizations to support ... all are either designated Fair Trade (a crazy rigorous standard that a company must keep after going through the application and certification) or are sustainable + just making the world a better place!

To celebrate 10 Years of Impact - Noonday made it possible for anyone to become an ambassador for only $10! Learn more here. Becoming an ambassador has been one of my favorite life decisions from over the past few years!

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