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Favorite Dining Chairs

Truly, I am in love with Eames molded chairs.  They are my favorite dining chairs right now.  I have four knock-offs in white around our small round wooden dining room table and every time I pull one out from under the table they make me smile.

Since I’ve had a hiatus from blogging (reason being: life), I’ve decided to come back with a topic that brings me great joy. Chairs. Chairs that I know my favorite people will sit in and enjoy a homemade dinner together.  Where risotto will get spilled on the floor and dogs will be begging to be under our legs the entire time.

How gorgeous is that copper pendant?  Emily Waldmann’s home is incredibly gorgeous.  I even want the puppy dishes floor mat. I picture Emily coming home and being so happy to be there because it is so her.

This dining room is so glamorous between the furs and the giant gold mirror, yet so rustic with the wide unstained wood floor. Every time I look at this image I see something new.  I also see a pattern in my favorite dining rooms: plants.

These black chairs are so yummy. I would’ve done white, especially with the splashes of blue on the cushions, but I am so happy they went with the black.  It brings drama around the table.

Can we just picture ourselves sitting around this gorgeous table for hours on a quiet Saturday night?  The wine on the buffet behind us, pillows to cozy up to. The perfect dim wattage in the overhead lamp. <3

Love the contrast and the earthiness.  The overexposed photo with the white frame on the white wall next to the dark wood table and black chairs. It’s all so good.

These vintage colored chairs on the faded rug are so good. I feel like this dining room is more sophisticated then I would ever take my own home, but it’s so pretty to look at.

This gem.  The Tom Dixon lighting over top of my favorite dining chairs in white and black table makes my contrast loving heart happy.  Also, the poster with words on the right – I’ve been wanting to make something like that…so this is added inspo.

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