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First Step

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the Marked podcast and Mary Margaret was interviewing Jennie Allen (check it out here).  Jennie was sharing about her journey and how her success only came after faithfully taking small steps that she was prompted to take.

There is another truth that has come up from listening to another podcast, “Do not compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.”

At church a couple of weeks ago there was talk about keeping your eyes on your own race. To not look at other people’s journey around you, and to stay focused on yours.

This is what is rumbling around my head.  And to own your own journey, you must begin.  You must start to walk. To take your first step.

I want my life to be defined by people. Both people who I can look at in the eyes face-to-face and hug and love on  AND people who are across a screen whose names don’t always match their real names. Knowing this, I have a step to take. To write these thoughts down an to begin to invite people into my mess.

My goal for this blog is to spur women on to open their homes because God wants to love other people through this simple yet vulnerable step.  Seriously, how many of your coworker's homes or your neighbor's homes have you actually been inside of?!  My list is very small…and it makes me wonder if I don’t take a step – will I continue to live in a bubble?

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