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My Noonday Story

It was the summer of 2018. I was working in corporate America, wanting to do something more. I had heard about Noonday Collection the year before. I started to follow the founder, Jessica, on social media, and listened to her podcast.

The heart Jessica had for helping all people rise even when it is scary spoke to me. She made the ask on her IG for anyone interested to join a call where she talks more about what being a Noonday Ambassador is all about.

I was hooked. I could not wait to become a Noonday Ambassador.

The average Noonday Ambassador provides dignified work for about 3 people in our Artisan Partner's communities. All of our Artisan Partners are in developing countries, most are not just providing work for their community but also counseling and childcare.

I didn't actually wear much jewelry before becoming an Ambassador. Maybe some thrifted necklaces, but hardly any earrings.

Now that I know these pieces are making an impact around the world - and each one is handcrafted special for me - I can't take them off!

Here are the Afiswa Earrings being made by our artisan partner in Uganda - these are tiny paper beads!

I'm grateful to all who help me create a marketplace for our Artisan Partner's beautiful work. I love being an Ambassador for Noonday - and know it is making a difference!

(Jessica's podcast is still going and it's fabulous, check it out here: The Going Scared Podcast)

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