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Party in an Empty House

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a handful of friends in our newly purchased home. There was nothing in the home but dreams of what it will become. I was eager to show it off – but how? There are no chairs, no couch, no carpet to get cozy on. A dance party was one thought – but our tenants may not appreciate the loud music on a Wednesday night before we’ve even met them.

So, I gathered all the extra blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, and pillows I could and piled them in the middle of the living room floor. Purchased a feast of cheeses and wine, and had some girlfriends over.

It had to have been one of my favorite birthday memories.

No hype, just friends.

Well, friends and 700 different kinds of cheese. (slight exaggeration…) My favorite was the crumbly salty sheep’s milk cheese paired with dark chocolate. Although it was the creamy goat cheese was to get demolished first. There were a couple of different cheddars (one Irish, one American) and a pesto gouda.

I geek out over the accouterments. The pepper jam went well with the cheddars, and the fig spread went on everything. Fruits, nuts, sweet, savory. Crackers with and without gluten.

I’m already thinking about next year…a low-key dinner party with a few friends. There is nothing better than sitting around with no agenda, no distractions, no kiddos. Only friends and stories and the laughter that goes with it.  These are the nights I wish every day could be like.

How to plan your own Party in an Empty House:

Step one: Send the invitations out the day before the party.   Give a couple of weeks notice to a few of your closest friends. Mix it up – invite a couple of friends from work, from church, from school, wherever!

Step two: Go to trader joes or whatever you find your lovely cheese and reasonably priced wines and pick out cheeses, fruit, crackers, nuts, chocolate, jams, wines…anything that seems like a good idea.

Step three: Layout pillows and blankets in an open space, picnic style. Set out your goodies and enjoy with your closest friends.

Some inspiration for you:

This last one has an amazing step by step guide to actually putting your cheeseboard together (link here).

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