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Starting a Weekly Gathering in Four Easy Steps

Every once in a while you get a craving to do something more. Get outside of your comfort zone. For me, last summer, it was starting a weekly gathering of women in my home.

The purpose was to study the Bible, but for you, it could be gathering to knit or for a book club or even a wine tasting.

It’s the fact that you know spending time with people on the reg is important and you want to do something about it!


First – Gather a list of names.

This should be friends, neighbors, co-workers or people who you see every Tuesday at spin. Those people you connect with and would like to get to know them.  Get their name, email and phone number. Guaranteed, this list will change as your gathering goes week after week. Some people won’t be able to attend at all, some will want to bring a friend. Let the natural ebb and flow happen.

Second – Send out invitations.

I am partial to just an email giving an overview of what you are doing.  (If you want to be fancy, use Paperless Post to send out your first invite.) You want to include your address, start time, a general overview of what you are doing, and your contact information.   I like to put dates out for the next 6 weeks so people can plan accordingly.

Third – Prepare for the night.

Follow up with a couple of key people to be sure you have at least someone coming over.  Then clean the house/apartment (not crazy clean, people really aren’t paying attention…except the bathroom, clean the bathroom).

Light a candle, play some music, set out some cups and water, and gather any supplies you might need.

  • Book club – have your book and notes ready.

  • A gathering to watch a video teaching – have your computer, HDMI cord, and TV set up.

  • Wine tasting – plastic cups with a few different varietals of wine (or have everyone bring their favorite).

  • Knitting club – I don’t knit…so I guess yarn and things…

Fourth – Relax.

Seriously.  You can not take this too seriously.  It is going to start small. (That is my experience, it may not be yours!) Do not take offense.  People’s lives are busy and structured.  You are asking them to stop their regularly planned week to gather. We as individuals love our planned time. Those schedules that we cling to. If someone has a hard time making room for a new gathering, that does not define you.

It will all come together.  Or it won’t. Give it a month.

If this gathering is on your heart and is a passion, stick with it.  In our world, we are not often connected in living rooms face to face. We each need more real-time together.  Doing things that bond us with other people. Laughing, crying, and making authentic friends.

Best of luck.  Although, you don’t need luck…just a bit of tenacity.

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