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We Need Others

Ya’ll, I am a loner. An introvert. Someone who can stay in her house for a week all by herself and be completely content.

But I’ve learned over the years (really, over the past few years) that I need others. We all need other people in our life.  Some of you learned that lesson a LONG time ago…I’m apparently on the slower side of life.

Last night was my last gals bible study for 2017. I came off of the night completely filled with love and hope that we can all experience authentic relationships, so long as we are real with one anther.

We all want to be known and loved.

But I am someone who doesn’t always share. I have a hard time allowing others to know me.

When I stay in that mindset, having a closed off heart and attitude. I am MISSING OUT.

There really are people out there who are hurting to be known and loved as much as I am, maybe you are too.

This is where friends come in. Good girlfriends. Your squad.

And can we just say, having girlfriends know and love you is different than your spouse.

I certainly feel known and loved by my husband, but there is something unique and special about having girlfriends rally around you and cheer you on. To pray for you and encourage you. And even point out when you’re straying from your best life.

One of the girls that was in my living room last night shared that she has never had a group of women to rally around her. It broke. my. heart.

I’ve been there.  I do not want anyone else to be there.

The takeaway…

If you are lonely. Feeling unloved and unknown. I plead with you, take a step.

Join a group. A bible study, a meet up, a sports team.

And force others to get to know you – too often we give up before a friendship can even begin to form because of whatever reason (usually someone letting us down because of our high expectations).

An article by David Robbins exposed my heart when he went into what a life without others looks like.  The fact that “our inauthenticity and projections make real relationships impossible, leading to loneliness.”

All of it. Give me authenticity. Allow me to be real.

We have to be vulnerable to need others. They support us and love us. If our walls are up, there is nothing to need because we have it all.

Friends, do not stay guarded. Find some girlfriends to trust. Let them come alongside of you.

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