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When I Don't Feel Like Starting

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like starting something that I’ve been wanting to – I have to find a way to get out of the funk. Somehow, flowers always make me see my home in a fresh way. When I choose to bring the random stems home, rearrange them and place them where they are most visible – it changes my attitude.

There is something to them being a temporal enjoyment. These six beautiful buds are only going to be with me a week or two. It forces me to enjoy them more. And somewhere deep down, forces me to consider inviting others over to invite them as well.

We are changed by our relationships. Seriously, I used to be a hermit. I still fall into the hermit trap. Last night I was at a bible study with some ladies and described myself just wanting to be the rabbit back in my hole. (We were talking about getting to know new people.) Yes, I’m in introvert…so it’s to be expected. But mostly, I am selfish and people are like sandpaper to me.

I’ve changed over the years, allowing others to grow on me. Not everyone I meet irritates me immediately (but many do, and that is my black heart being real with you). However, I am EXCITED to continue to change and grow – allowing God and others to continue to turn my black heart into a vibrant colorful heart that is eager to love and serve others!

So I bring fresh flowers into the home when I don’t feel like starting when it comes to inviting others over.

This guy found 25 ways to boost motivation, but honestly, I do some of the things he lists already and I don’t always feel motivated…especially not motivated to engage with others.

Can we be honest? Like brutal, it might hurt a little honest? WE cannot drum up the motivation to love others. Okay, maybe we can for a little while…but eventually, we falter. If loving ourselves and others is all on my own power, I want something in return. I want others to love me back. That desire to be loved back is real, and people can’t wholly fill the desire. Only the creator of the universe can do that. Only He can love us SO much that we are implored to take that love out to the people around us.

So please, consider bringing fresh blooms into your home and calling up a friend to sit at the table (or on the carpet) and enjoy some time together. Be real with one another, and encourage each other! We are made for loving others, and what an easy way to do so by sharing your home with them.

If anyone is curious, this is mostly a pep talk to myself – so if you got some encouragement out of it, I’d love to hear!

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